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We are an industry leading in-ground irrigation and lawn sprinkler company. We have been servicing the lower mainland and Vancouver area since 2007, with over 20 years experience in the field. We provide a full service, meaning, complete installations, fall blow outs, spring start ups, repairs, landscape lighting and back flow testing.

So if you are tired of dragging your hose out at 5am to water your lawn or garden, or relying on a neighbor to water your plants or baskets while you go on vacation, then finding them dead or wilted when you get back, then give The Sprinkler Guys a call for a free estimate.

Our Services Include:

  • Emergency repair
  • Same day service available
  • Broken lawn sprinkler repair service
  • Drip irrigation system service
  • Leaking pipe repair service
  • Leak detection
  • Irrigation system timer programming and replacement
  • Wiring repair service
  • Anti-Sypon/PVB repair
  • Valve repair or replacement service
  • New in-ground sprinkler system installations
  • Fall blow outs
  • Spring start ups
  • Landscape lighting
  • Back flow testing
  • And more...

The following are the top 5 reasons why you should consider using our services:

Recent Customer Reviews

Quick Service

Date: Feb 10, 2018, 12:00 am
Written by: Steve
From: South Surrey, British Columbia

We were having a major issue with the city, our water bill had tripled from the previous period last year. I had inquired with the city about my water bill, they sent out a representative to see if my meter was malfunctioning, and he determined that our meter was in proper working order. He told me to have our irrigation system checked for a leak.

I called the company that had been maintaining our system and they gave me the run around and gave me a 2 week appointment time. I understand it was the middle of summer and companies are busy. My neighbour had mentioned the company he was using and The Sprinkler Guys came highly recommended.

When I called Jason was very polite on the phone and was able to make arrangements for a time the next day that worked with my busy schedule. He arrived on time and went right to work to find our leak. He went thru the entire system turning different zones on and off and was able to find a leak behind our shed. We never go back there and we never would have found it. He made a quick repair, and we had no more leaks.

We took his invoice into the city with a letter from him explaining the leak in the system, and the city took $950 off our water bill.

The Sprinkler Guys are who we deal with from now on, their quick service, professionalism and fair pricing goes a long way with me.

Very Dependable and Honest Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Service Company

Date: Feb 9, 2018, 12:00 am
Written by: K.D.
From: South Surrey, British Columbia

When we bought our current home, we didn’t know which company took care of the in-ground lawn sprinkler system for previous owners. It was late in the fall and we needed winterizing our system. And before we started calling local irrigation companies, one morning we saw a white van bearing The Sprinkler Guys decal pulled up and a man started servicing our sprinkler system.

I was still looking through the window, expecting him to knock the door and introduce himself. But he didn’t. Instead, he left his business card through the door frame, along with a brief note that said something along the lines of “… welcome to the neighborhood, we are the company that services your irrigation system, and as a way to introduce ourselves we’ve winterized your system as a courtesy…”.

I was very impressed and the following spring I gave them a call and they’ve been our reliable go-to sprinkler system specialists ever since. On that call he explained that the service agreement he had in place with previous owners covered the entire year and he honored that agreement even though the house was sold. Well, you can't get more honesty and honorable service than that, right?

Our backyard has gone through various different renovations and each time we needed to modify the sprinkler lines or heads, Jason Fuller and his team professionally completes the job exactly the way we requested. They reroute pipes and wirings as needed. Once I cracked one of the pipes with edge trimmer and they replaced it the next day and repaired a few broken valves and heads that I didn’t even notice they were broken.

They are efficient, honest, and best of all very friendly to work with. In the fall, they winterize the system by doing their fall blow outs and then do spring start ups. We don’t worry about anything. They come and do their scheduled servicing quickly and quietly. It can’t get more reliable and dependable than that. I highly recommend The Sprinkler Guys to anyone who needs in-ground or drip irrigation system for their lawns and plantation beds.

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We are familiar with every major brand of irrigation product. We know and understand the details of product strengths and weaknesses.
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We finish our projects on time. We understand our projects are under time constraints.
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We will have all our ducks in a row before starting. All permits and licenses will be in place with every municipality and city.
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Photos from Our Recent Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation Projects

In-Ground Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installations
In-Ground Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installations
In-Ground Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installations
In-Ground Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installations
In-Ground Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installations
In-Ground Sprinkler and Irrigation System Installations

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